How to clean squid to be safe

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publish:2021-06-11 14:02:27  

Many friends like to eat squid very much. Stir-fried at home or hot pot are very good choices, but everyone who buys the whole fresh squid will face the big project of cleaning it when they go home. The structure of squid is also very complicated. So how do you clean the squid? How do you wash off the internal organs of the squid?

1. Separate the head from the body first, rinse with clean water,

2. Cut the squid and remove the internal organs,

3. Then tear off the skin of the squid (a layer of black film), put in a little edible alkali to scrub, and rinse with water;

4. Because the claws on the squid's whiskers have suction cups (calcified cartilage), they should be carefully scrubbed with alkali!

5. Eyes must be removed, but be careful: When removing the eyes, there is black liquid inside and don't splash it on your body. It is not easy to wash.

6. In the center of the paw, the teeth of the squid should also be removed. The so-called teeth are actually two eagle-like objects on the mouth.

The more this kind of soft marine food must be cleaned, and it must be fully cooked, because if it is not processed at high temperature, it is easy for some parasites to be deposited in its body, so everyone just needs to be careful It’s no problem to deal with these! We want to eat beautiful food, but also have a great body!

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